Learn How To Make Your Health And Life Goals A Priority.

Are you someone who makes health a priority? Or. maybe you recognize that health is important, but you’re also aware that it isn't a focus in your life. And you want this to change. In this blog, you'll find an exercise to help you understand the extent to which you are thinking versus actually implementing health and life priorities into your day.

Find Out With This Exercise

Step 1

Write down what you want your top 5 outcomes in life to be. Take the time to do this as it has the potential to be a life-changing exercise.

It’s surprising how few people stop to think of what they want their life to represent.

The greater your health, the greater your life outcomes in every area of life, such as relationships and career. Most people have a health / self-care outcome on their list. Perhaps it’s to keep up with the grandkids. Or to have enough energy and vitality to travel and see the world. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn't agree that a fulfilled life includes health and vitality.

Step 2

Next, write down everything you did the day before and how you spent your time.

Your day may have looked like this:

  • Woke up and got myself and the kids ready for the day.

  • Made smoothies for breakfast

  • Made lunches for kids

  • Dropped the kids off at the bus stop.

  • Drove to work

  • Worked all day.

  • Picked the kids up and drove them to their activities.

  • Stopped at a fast-food establishment for takeout dinner.

  • Bedtime for kids

  • TV + a glass of wine.

Step 3

Now compare your list of top 5 outcomes to your daily activities. How much of your time was spent on any of the top 5 outcomes on your list?

If you’re like most people, the answer is very little.

Some outcomes people list as important to achieve before their time is up include:

  • Close family relationships

  • Community contribution

  • Being an amazing parent, spouse, sibling, aunt, uncle, friend.

  • Developing a close spiritual connection with God / Creator / Universe

  • Early retirement filled with purpose and passion

  • Travel / Adventure

Yet, when people review their time it’s a shock to see that very little, if any time, was spent on any of the 5 outcomes on their list.

The days pass, the years pass, and dreams die.

Most people believe that they are too busy and just don’t have time for what is really important to them, but this is simply not true.

In believing this you’re denying yourself what you most want in life.

It is possible to have a busy schedule and create time for the outcomes you most want for yourself. Wanting certain outcomes does not make them happen. You have to make them happen.

If you say your spouse is the most important relationship in your life, then make time for that relationship. If your health is important to you, then make time for your health.

With each desired outcome on your list, create the time in your day to make sure your life is supporting what you want. It is a choice you can make.

The underlying foundation of a fulfilled life is health.


Another exercise you can do, is to write a list of 30 things that make you happy. Then, have a close look at your life and start to incorporate more of the things on this list. What brings you happiness are clues to what you’re all about and what makes you feel alive and fulfilled.

Your day will always be busy and filled, and it is up to you to take control of it and make time for your dreams.

Plan your life. It’s never too late.