New Workout, No Equipment, No Excuses

Welcome to a new week. I have a feeling we'll need to hold on to our hats because it may be another crazy ride.

I have a simple, short and effective strength training routine for you this week. The crazier life gets, as it has been with this pandemic and the political unrest, the more I lean on what helps me feel grounded, like walking, running, hiking, and strength training.

How about you? What helps you feel normal even when life around you is not?

My husband and I drove to Florida for the month of January. Since we are both working from home due to the pandemic, we thought a change in scenery would be nice. We landed right on the beach. It's much colder than normal but check out the beach. There's no one on it which means we can walk / run without worries.

And check out my workout area - the balcony! In this newsletter, I want to show you some exercises you can do without much space or equipment.

20 Minute Strength Training Routine

1.Squats - 15 reps here's a video showing proper technique.

2.Push Ups - 15 reps technique video for beginner to advanced

3.Core - 10 reps each side technique video

Repeat this sequence 2 to 3 times.

4. Lunges - 10 to 15 repetitions each side. technique video

5. Tricep Dips - 15 repetitions use a chair. technique video

6. Side planks - 10-15 repetitions each side. technique video

Repeat this sequence 2 to 3 times.

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But you have to want it for yourself. Ask yourself why aren't your making your health a priority? Whatever your thought, it's probably is an excuse. It's your brain's way to protect you from potential failure.

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You deserve to feel your best and live your fullest life.

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We will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Yes, I want this for myself!