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Private Coaching


With my private coaching option, we will focus on the whole of good health: nutrition, weight loss, movement, managing stress, sleep and filling life with passion and purpose. 

  • Private 1:1 sessions tailored to your exact goals and health needs.

  • Session times to suit your schedule

  • Free consultation to determine if we're a good fit for each other!

It’s never too late to acquire new habits…  even ones you once thought were impossible. Contact me to book your free consultation!

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Group Coaching


As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, my passion is to help you be at your optimal health. I don’t want you to give up on your dreams because of health reasons. I passionately believe that the body is able to heal itself when given the chance.


I’ve created a 6 WEEKS TO WEIGHT LOSS program: RESET, RENEW, RESULTS to partner with you in helping you attain optimal health and live your best life.


Learn more or enroll here:

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This program will help you attain optimal health and live your best life.

Start Date:  April 6, 2021

Click below to learn more & enroll.

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Essential Oils


I'm a firm believer in the power of pure essential oils. I sell doTERRA oils because they are responsibly sourced and tested by a third party to ensure purity. Unfortunately, APRC (a third party that tests essential oils) found that >80% of oils on the market are not actually pure essential oils. Many are made of chemicals that don't have the same positive effects that doTERRA oils have.


Want to learn more? Shop directly for doTERRA essential oils here. 

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"It’s day 5 of the 7 day cleanse and I have lost 5 pounds. I have been eating so well. It’s true, being prepared has made all the difference. I’ve been walking, doing yoga and I cut out grains, dairy, sugar, gluten and alcohol. OMG, I feel like a new person.

I didn’t think I could do it, but the daily support in the facebook group, the community and the resources in the ebook  gave me the support and accountability I needed. I can’t say enough about this experience and I can’t wait to do it again. "

- Liz Corieri  June 2020

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"Maureen is the real deal. She comes to me as a coach who fully understands the body’s nutrition needs and how to balance it appropriately in order to retain good health and achieve a body weight that is more in line with good health.


Maureen is extremely knowledgeable with exercise science as well. Finding Maureen has given me my life back in many ways. Being someone who has studied nutrition and health most of my life, I feel I am someone you can trust when I say Maureen knows her business. She is focused and passionate about her client’s success."

- Jeannine B. Miller HR Consultant

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"Maureen’s group coaching program changed my path, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Maureen did in a few short weeks something I had wanted to do for the past 20 years.


She taught me how to change the way I think, and feel and live. I learned how to make smarter choices, challenge myself, feel inspired, become educated about what I eat and I lost 20 pounds. I can’t say enough about how well put together this program was. For the first time in my life, I’m not on a diet…. I’m on a path and I love the direction I’m heading in."

- Kelly Hartmann Raby

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"I love the detailed information I have at my fingertips in our private group.  I love that the product is safe and that we are taught how to safely use the various essential oils. I love learning about DIYs and I have started making my own hand sanitizer and foaming hand soap.


Maureen could easily just sell the product, but she truly cares about helping us get the full benefit and it really makes a difference. The lives and videos are great. "

- Angie Baker, April 2020