Real Results for women over 40

Next online group begins: November 3, 2021


💛 Tri Athlete

💛 Psychologist

💛 Certified Mindset coach

💛 Age:  Over 60  

  • See results: If you're over 40, most fad diets won't work. I have a program that immediately puts your body into fat-burning mode. You will lose the bloat, stop the cravings, and get your energy back.

  • Eat real food: No shakes, pills, bars, or packaged foods are needed. Learn how to eat for real life. 

  • Simple Workouts for real women with real lives. No gym membership required. Exercises specifically for women over 40 and geared towards setting your metabolism on FIRE!

Maureen Kemeny


I teach you what the weight loss industry won't tell you

There's a reason you haven't been able to lose weight and keep it off. It's NOT a lack of discipline or motivation.


Hi, I'm Maureen, MA Psychology. I am a Triathlete and Health & Wellness Coach.  

When you work with me you will:

💛 Adopt life long changes that work for your body long after the program

💛 Know how to send your body into fat-burning mode even while you're sleeping

💛 Understand how your body works after 40 and how to adapt your lifestyle to lose weight like you did in your 20s

🚫 Fads, supplements, expensive diet food
🚫 Starvation
🚫 Yo Yo weight loss
🚫 Feeling hopeless

Damn Right Your Body Is Different Than It Used To Be!
I specialize in weight loss for bodies over 40. Why?

💛 As we age, we metabolize food differently

💛 Our metabolism changes over time


🚫 Emotional rollercoasters
🚫 Defeat
🚫 Mind-numbing material
🚫 Fancy, crazy time consuming recipes


A Weight Loss Program for women over 40

RESET your metabolism

RENEW your confidence

RESULTS you'll love 




" In the 6 week program, I lost 10 pounds and I gained so much knowledge about what to eat, when to eat and how to change my thought processes about eating. It worked! I weigh less now at age 57 than I did when I got married at age 22. I feel so energized!"

- Lenore

Need more info?

Is this for you? 


💛 You're tired of feeling confused and want to feel confident that the changes you make will work.


💛 You really want to understand how to change your metabolism and get unstuck. 


💛 You're looking for an uncomplicated, no-nonsense food protocol that works with your life. No fad diets. 

💛 You dream of wearing a dress a couple of sizes smaller for the wedding you'll be attending. 

💛 You're ready to travel now that restrictions are lifting and you know that unlimited energy would allow you to enjoy every minute of it. 

💛 You want to follow a process created by someone who has the academic and real-life experience to show you the way. 


💛 You wish to learn how to deal with urges, self-sabotages, and thoughts that create defeat even before you’ve experienced it. 

💛 You have a special celebration, like a birthday, or a work event that you would LOVE to attend looking better than you have in years. 


💛 You understand that your health is your greatest wealth.


💛 You want to stop beating yourself up mentally and emotionally.


💛 You're excited to end the food/weight obsession and be able to control the scale instead of it controlling you!


This year we will be meeting online due to the pandemic. 

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It’s important for you to understand that what worked for you when you were in your 20s  won’t work for you now that you’re older. Your biology and physiology have changed. 


 I’ve combined my education in sciences, psychology and coaching plus experience in working with hundreds of women into this program to teach you a process for transforming your metabolism and your beliefs.  


You’ll learn how to lose weight and maintain your loss, even when life gets crazy.  


It’s time to stop suffering. 


It’s time to appreciate your body. 


The Details


Dates: Current group is FULL. The next group will be:

Wednesday November 3- December 15, 2021  @ 7pm EDT

Location: This program is 100% online! Hop on your phone/computer/tablet and join us live, or watch the recorded sessions if you're busy during our meeting time.

Standard Package

INVESTMENT=  $399.00*

*Money back guarantee: If you follow this program and don't get results, you'll be fully refunded.



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Weekly one hour zoom calls covering the material in the modules. Calls will be recorded in case you can't make it that day!

Includes templates, worksheets, resources.

Membership in a Private Facebook group for accountability, community and support.

Exclusive Bonus

Investment per 30 minute call = $50*

*This offer is only for participants registered in the current group program.  

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Only for Reset, Renew, Results participants during the program (November 3 - December 15, 2021)

Get discounted 1:1 private coaching calls with me. Limited time only.